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Reliable, adult trained professionals, singing a wide variety of hits from the 30’s through the 2000’s, for weddings, cocktail hours, office events, concerts, winter holiday parties, and cool singing telegrams. Songs appropriate for funerals as well. Show tunes, doo wop, caroling, patriotic, love songs, ballads and pop favorites.
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Third Row Center. The best seat in the house, for the best A Cappella ensemble in Palm Beach! 
 Our Director - Laurie Grossman
A Royal Songfest Concert
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206 Performances since 2008
TRC is currently seeking A Cappella singers in the West Palm area
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Holiday Joy at the Rooneys'
Cuzacrea-Bradshaw Wedding
Complimentary Singing Valentine Video Keepsake
Third Row Center is a mixed adult vocal ensemble specializing in A Cappella entertainment, playing the Palm Beach area.
Photo by Lloyds Studio Photography, Boca Raton, FL
2018 Gigs
7 Singing Telegrams
10 Concerts
1 Song Mob
1 Private Party
Veterans Day Concert at Devonshire, 11/12/18 
God Bless Our Armed Forces 
TEN YEARS of beautiful harmony and happy customers!
Valentine Telegram for Gus at Gama!
2019 Gigs
1/12: Lett Singing Telegram
2/14: Carpenito Singing Valentine
3/2:   Thune Wedding Ceremony
4/27: Spring Concert at Golden Lakes
5/27: Memorial Day Concert at the VA
6/4:  Nat'l Anthem, Principals Acad Mtg
6/14: Camerino Retirement Party

Holiday Concert
at Golden Lakes Village
Clubhouse B
Saturday, Dec 7th
7:00 pm (free event)
Barrington Terrace
Boynton Beach
Thursday, Dec 12th
5:30 pm
Trepp Party
Saturday, Dec 14
Private Party
Singing Telegram
Saturday, Dec 14
Fred Astaire Dance Studio - Jupiter
Sunday, Dec 15
5:00 pm